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Germany based LIOS Fiber Optic Cable

LIOS Sensor fibers are immune to electrical interference and can be used in harsh environment applications like Fire Detection in Tunnel, Power Cable & Transmission line Monitoring, Oil & Gas Exploration , industrial induction Furnaces surveillance etc. OTS Controller with 1km to 4 km range application, available with loop redundancy also.

Fast Response FRNC – for conveyor belts application

Metal Free FRNC – for Cable Gallery application

FM , VdS & CE

Datenblatt LWL-Sensorkabel fast response Datenblatt LWL-Sensorkabel metalfree LIOS Datasheet OTS1000 - OTS4000


RECTORSEAL Metacaulk – PASSIVE FIRE PROTECTION ( UL Listed.) - specifically designed to fill voids in construction joints and around penetrations in fire rated walls or floors. Each time a fire-rated wall or floor is penetrated, it must be restored to its original fire rating. In the event of fire, proper installation of Metacaulk® products restrict the spread of flames, smoke, hot gases and water through penetration openings and construction joints.

Cable Trays Protection- Metacaulk Metacaulk catalouge