#Pakistan Zindabad

Go Indian Pigs go Back To Your Home Dont mess with Muslims

HackeD By Leet Attacker - Merjani - Cyber Hulk - MJ Mirza - SaLmAn

Islam Zindabad , Long Live Muslims , Pakistan Zindabad


\o/ Specially For My Sweet Love HeeR \o/

Freedom For Kashmir , Freedom For Palestine , Freedom For All Muslims We Are Born To Die For Our Religion


We kN0w aLl  & wE arE wEll aWarE, n0t to fUcK WiD uS

 We are not the believer of the monkey nor the snake but one who created them, what you have done with our Holy Quran, we will never gonna forgive you for it yea we do Monkey business with you monkeies because you only learn in your own language Don't think we are sitting silent and watching what's happening in Kashmir, You desecrated Holy Quran We'll Hack your Tamples online and feed that monkey and elephant Gay Hind Bitches Never Mess with the Power Pakistan Final Warning...!!!

Greetz : All Muslim Hackers & All Those Who Are Fighting For Future Freedom

Love To: HeeR | MerJani | MJ-Mirza | Cyber Hulk | Salman | TiGER-M@TE | BD Xtor | Ablaze Ever | Master Mind PCF |

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